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Note from the Chairperson 

Joe Garner – Triathlon Trust Chairman

When I was 11 years old I was very short compared to my year group, and very self-conscious about it too!  Luckily for me, precisely because I was small, they put me in the back of a rowing boat and I started coxing.   Through my involvement in rowing, my life took on a new direction, which I still feel the benefit of today.

Whatever the specific activity, I believe that Sport is a fabulous life coach…. not just of physical performance, but also of self-confidence, social skills, discipline and motivation.

I took up Triathlon in 2003 and immediately fell in love with the sport.  There is a magical aura around Triathlon that connotes strength, stamina and achievement.  At the same time, Triathlon is a hugely accessible, welcoming and friendly sport that anyone – regardless of age, gender (or height!) – can enjoy.

I was very lucky to have been exposed to sport at an early age.  Many young people are not so fortunate.  That’s why I am passionate that through the Triathlon Trust we give young people a taste of the fun and satisfaction of taking part in sport.  Whether it is a mini-triathlon, a ‘scooter-thon’ or just a ‘fun-a-thon’, our aim is to bring an enjoyable and engaging sporting experience to people who might otherwise not have the opportunity.

In doing so, we believe that we can – in some small way – help set more young lives on a healthy and confident track.

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