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The Triathlon Trust has delivered over 125,000 ‘Active Days’ since we were founded in 2012 and we want to give thousands more children the opportunity to give triathlon a ‘tri’!

Through triathlon, we encourage children to become more active, not only improving their health, but also developing their social skills, increasing self esteem and nurturing good habits such as commitment, discipline and respect.

I feel like an Olympic athlete, like the ones I saw on the telly! - Anna, 9

Our events provide children with an opportunity to be part of a professionally delivered sporting event that gives them confidence in their abilities and inspires them to engage in regular physical activity. Independent evaluation* of our events found that after taking part in their triathlon event...

  • 81% of children would try to be more physically active
  • 89% of children felt proud of what they had achieved
  • 62% of children felt that their triathlon event had helped them feel more confident to participate in sport and physical activity (6 month follow-up)

We asked kids to describe their first ever triathlon experience in three words… here’s what they said!


In this short video Mum Nej describes the impact that participating in triathlon has had on her 12 year old son Eddie, who has autism.


Quotes & feedback

"I picked up my daughter from school and she said 'Dad! Dad! I learnt to ride a bike today' and I thought, 'Yeah, sure, it’s probably got stabilisers or something on it'…but she said it didn’t. She said, 'Are you really proud of me?' and I replied, 'Yeah it’s the first time you’ve ridden a bike - I’m really proud of you!'. She was over the moon, she was really, really happy, she said, 'Can you buy me a bike now?'…I was waiting for that one. I was so proud though because I remember how long it took me to ride a bike and for her to do it first time, I mean I’ve never actually heard of that before. Mum was very proud too. A very proud moment. She made me promise I’d be here today so I made sure I was. I’d like her to do more physical activity" - Dad, primary school


"What have you done to our girls? We can’t get them to jog round the field in PE lessons, yet here they are racing each other in this duathlon?!"  - PE teacher, secondary school


"We just wanted to say thank you very much for the fantastic triathlon day which you delivered at our school. The feedback from teachers and children was extremely positive, with some adults saying they thought it was the most worthwhile sporting activity the children had ever done!" - Teacher, Clapham Manor primary school


*Independent evaluation conducted by Dumfries & Galloway Council Health and Wellbeing Board of Triathlon Trust mini triathlon events delivered across Dumfries & Galloway in September 2016. Full report available to download here.

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