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What We Do

The Triathlon Trust use the sport of triathlon to inspire children to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

We work across the UK to bring a fun and inclusive experience of multi-sport to children and families who might otherwise not have the opportunity. We use a combination of swimming, biking, running, rowing, scooting and jumping to get kids active, both indoors and outdoors. 

By making our events free to take part in and providing all the equipment including bikes, scooters, tandems and a static hand bike for those that cannot ride a bike and swimming aids for those that cannot swim, we remove barriers to participation in sport for children (e.g. not owning a bike, physical disabilities). By delivering all our events with safety and fun as a priority, and keeping them non-competitive with the focus on every child completing their own personal challenge, we believe that we create the best type of atmosphere to engender passion for sport and encourage future physical activity.

In order to reach children and families of all backgrounds and levels of ability, we deliver a variety of activities including:

  • mass-participation mini triathlon events
  • in-school taster sessions and events
  • 'have a go' triathlon activities at sports and community events

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