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Brownlee Foundation Mini Tri - York

19 May 2020

This fun, non-competitive and inclusive mini triathlon event, organised by the Brownlee Foundation and deliverd by the Triathlon Trust, will give children the chance to give triathlon a ‘tri’, and inspire them to get more active.

The mini-tri is suitable for children of all abilities, even those that do not swim or ride a bike or may need additional support for physical disabilities or special educational needs. We provide all equipment including bikes, scooters, a tandem bike and static handbike and every child receives a medal for taking part. We encourage schools to bring your whole class(es), not just your 'sporty' pupils.

This event has been organised by the Brownlee Foundation who is committed to helping kids get active in any sport, not just triathlon.

How to book - please contact the Brownlee Foundation directly to enquire about booking on to this event:

VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITY - If you would like to help us at this event, please visit our Do-It page for more information and to apply online, or email


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