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A day in the life of a Cuda Bike with the Tri Trust


A fun insight into the experience of a hard working Cuda Bike at one of our children's triathlon events, written by Triathlon Trust volunteer Pete Shaw

We slept well, all 50 of us a little cramped but comfortable in our van, which we share with scooters, a tandem bike and all the other kit essential to the Triathlon Trust’s events.

At 5am the van starts up and we are driven to a school in Derbyshire.

We wait for a short while the Triathlon Trust event delivery team assemble and then they get to work. Everything is unloaded including me - a bright red, children’s, mid-size, 7-geared Cuda Bike.

My front wheel is put back on, my brake engaged and checked, before I am carefully placed in a rack together with seven other bikes the same size as me.

Once we are all out in the bike area of the triathlon event, we watch whilst the team set up the bike course on the field.

Today I am picked out by volunteer Pete to check the course, he tries to go quickly around the corners, but he’s not very good at it! Anyway, he seems happy that the course is safe and puts me back in my stand.

We don’t have long to wait for the fun to start! Someone checks us over and puts our gears mid-range so we are ready to begin. Loads of excited school children soon arrive with their teachers and they can’t wait to start riding. Before they start, they are matched up with the right sized bike by one of the volunteers, there’s a bike to suit every child from 7-13 years old.

The day is non-stop; volunteers adjust my seat height and alter my gears, children hop on me, ride me around the course and hop off. The children have a great time and they love my bright colour, some of them said biking was their favourite part of their first-ever triathlon!

One of the other bikes heard that over 1,000 children took part today and I reckon I was in action about 40 times, but who’s counting?

All I know is, it was fun for me but come 3pm I am ready for a break! But first, some of the young volunteers race us around, before the team start getting us ready to return to our van.

As we wait our turn to be loaded on to the van, we are checked over carefully and if any us are not 100%, we are made ready for action at the next event.

An hour later, we were all packed in nicely to rest, ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

What an exciting life we lead - we cannot wait for our next Triathlon Trust event!

Written by: Triathlon Trust volunteer Peter Shaw

Photo credit: Triathlon Trust volunteer Rebecca Cottam

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