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Hitchin Girls ‘Zoom’ to space and back


The students at Hitchin Girls School made a stellar effort by riding, rowing and running over 850km in one day.

Their 6th formers contacted the Trust because they wanted to hold a day of getting their students active to promote a cycling-to-school initiative.

The Trust turned up with static bikes, rowing machines and made a shuttle run course for the girls to complete throughout the day, and with the UK Space Agency making an appearance to promote interest in science and space exploration too, a challenge was laid down to see if they could cover the distance to the International Space Station - which they had completed by lunch! By the end of the day, the girls had completed over 850km which meant that they could easily have made it upto the space station and back again safely...and if they had kept their feet on terra firma, they could have travelled all the way to Frankfurt in Germany ... 'Wunderbar!'

Capturing the information by House, meant that they also held an internal competition for 'house points' and their teachers even got involved over lunch, for bragging rights in the staff room!

With loud music encouraging the girls efforts throughout the day, it was smiles all round as the girls showed that #thesegirlscan

The Trust's attendance at the school was funded by each girl being sponsored a minimum of £2 to participate.

If you would like the Trust to come to your school to run a similar day, email

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