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LiveTRI event gets kids active in Trafalgar Square



While Team GB were busy racking up medals and World Championship titles in Hyde Park, more than 500 kids were getting active in Trafalgar Square with the Foundation as part of British Triathlon's LiveTRI event, that ran for four days during the Championships.

Under the watchful eye of Nelson , atop his column, the kids were put through their paces in a timed, 500m bike, fun-transition and 20 bunny-jumps challenge.

With an international flavour to the top-3 leaderboard, there were children from all corners of the globe taking part and trying to get their country recognised, but all the particpants walked away with a certificate and medal to show for their hard efforts.

Despite the damp weather their was great interest in the activity and we even received visits from the newly crowned World Champion, Non-Stafford and Silver Medallist, Jodie Stimpson, who brought their very own trophy carrier - ( well when you are a triathlon superstar why not?!)

We also had visits from other members of the GB tri and paratri team. They even showed us how the pros do it, in our 'elite transition challenge' where they took on the same fun transition as the kids, with a shirt, tie, hat, shades and belt.......needless to say, they took this very seriously, as the pictures below show!
Thanks to all of them for being such good sports and getting involved!


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