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Tata ‘Kids of Steel’ series concludes with over 8,000 participants



The Foundation is proud to have been the delivery partner for the Tata Kids of Steel series in 2013.

The 12-event series has seen over 8,000 school-children participate in a 70m swim - 1km bike - 500m run event.

Due to the amazing sponsorship by Tata Steel, every child received a t-shirt, swim hat, transition bag, wristband and medal, ensuring their memories of the event are not easily forgotten.

With locations spread all over the country, including Bristol, Cumbria, Teeside, Corby, Scotland, Wales, as well as London - the series has enabled the legacy of the 2012 Olympics to reach the whole country.
One of the best quotes from the series was from a 9 year-old girl in Corby who said to her teacher  "Oh Mrs x, I feel like an Olympic athlete, like the ones I saw on telly"

The Foundation has worked hard this year to ensure that every child was able to participate to the maximum of their ability, and through the use of scooters and static bikes we were able to ensure that even those who couldn't ride were able to complete the full distance.

The Foundation would like to thank the hundreds of volunteers from Tata Steel, local colleges and community volunteering organisations, who make these events possible - without their help, we would not be able to make such a huge impact on children's lives.

(All Tata Kids of Steel pictures courtesy of Richard Addison Photography)

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