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Team Sponge use the sport of triathlon to do good!


Team Sponge, a team of 8 remarkable amateur triathletes, lead by Jane Hansom (Ironman AG World Champion), are using the sport of triathlon to do good.

Team Sponge has pledged to raise £50,000 for three charities that use the power of sport to change young lives -  Arctic One, who enable para athletes to learn the basics of triathlon, the Triathlon Trust, and their very own international community project to build a pool on the island of Nevis, giving children, as well as adults, the opportunity to learn how to swim in a safe environment. On this tiny island in the middle of the Caribbean, swimming should be one of the first basics taught to young children, especially as a life-saving skill. However locals are scared to swim in the sea and there are no public swimming pools.

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