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Thanks to Dryrobe, Kitbrix and activbod, all our children are medal winners!



The Triathlon Trust are delighted and grateful to receive a donation of 10,000 medals from Lara Morgan's invested companies, Dryrobe, Kitbrix and activbod.

Fun and participation are at the heart of the Triathlon Trust's events, we aim to give every child a positive experience of physical activity, giving them confidence and a sense of pride in their achievement that will inspire them to make sport a part of their everyday lives. Receiving such a fantastic, high quality medal at the finish line no doubt adds to their sense of pride and accomplishment and we know that thousands of children will be going home and showing off their new medal to friends and family.

"Many of the children who attend our events have never received any recognition for taking part in a physical or sporting activity. We know that the medals are highly cherished, and often hear stories about children wearing them for days afterwards. Quality medals are expensive, so to receive this valued and significant money saving donation will help us a lot." CEO, Mike Jubb

All of the products in Lara’s investment Group are produced to enhance the sporting experience, the time allocation, recovery and enjoyment, hence their link to the Trust.

We took 100 kids and they all had a great day....... they walked back to school with their medals on feeling very proud. Thank you!

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