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Volunteers’ week – a huge thank you!



1st-12th June marks Volunteers’ Week, the UK's biggest celebration of volunteering.

The Triathlon Trust simply wouldn’t be able to achieve what we do without our incredible volunteers, so a huge ‘thank you!’ goes out to all our volunteers for your energy, your enthusiasm and your commitment.

I just want to say how much we enjoyed volunteering..It’s a fantastic event..I found it especially interesting to see the children at ‘check in’ not knowing what to expect and in some cases a bit apprehensive. Then seeing them at the end in very high spirits with beaming smiles - quite a transformation!

By helping deliver our events, our fantastic volunteers give children across the UK the chance to experience their first triathlon (or duathlon), inspiring them to get more active. Already this year over 13,700 ‘Active Days’ have been delivered across the UK. Together, we really are ‘changing lives through triathlon’!

If you are interested in volunteering with the Triathlon Trust, please contact us at

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