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Watford Kids get active with duathlon at Queens


The power of multi-sport to engage with children was on show last weekend with more than 65 children ignoring the damp weather and having a go at duathlon at the Queens School fair.

Only a couple had ever done a triathlon or duathlon before and yet there was some great racing amongst friends....and they all did it in jeans and casual clothes.

As well as the racing, there was also a 'Top Gear' style leaderboard for the fastest times, with the girls posting some amazingly competitive times that would have put them in the top 3 of the boys. Many of them came back for a second attempt, to beat their times, and one boy even tried it five times!

The teachers at the school were impressed by the response. One said "You struggle to get some of these children, especially the girls, to run round the field normally......yet they are racing each other round here in the rain and loving it......I can't believe it"

This was the first of our summer of activities in Hertfordshire. See the events page for information about other activities.

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